Request cancel orders during shipment

This form providing guideline for customers who want to request cancel the orders during the shipment at customers' personal interest. i.e: i don't want the item anymore ! and it's already over 6 hours free canceling the orders (we have fulfilled and shipped the items).

a) At first, Customers agreed to the Term of Service, Shipping policy. as the result of the payment made.

b) Second, VERIBUY had processed the customer's order according to the Shipping Policy and sent out the Tracking number to Customers. 

c) At the moment, the order still on the way to Customer's shipping address and Not yet delivered.

d) As a result of personal willing, Customer would like to cancel the order during the shipment regardless of the shipment still on the way to Customer's shipping address.

e) VERIBUY shall agree and support Customer cancel the orders; and process a full refund in 10 days from the customers' request date. Customers shall re-pay VERIBUY amount of 30% of the total order value as operation cost to support and allow Customers break the Term of Service at Customers' personal interest. 

*** Please be noted that  every purchased decision made, manufactures and staffs cost, logistic cost inccured at VERIBUY to providing fulfilment service and the like. Those re-pay amount is only basic cost to cover those huge operation cost and need to be recovered.

Customers agree with a) b) c) d) please click here to submit the request for cancel the orders during shipment : Agree to cancel the orders.

Thank you for support & cooperation !